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Always Be Confident Quilting

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Cindy Bingaman

Certified Sew Kind of Wonderful


Cindy just moved to the Kingsport area in East Tennessee and is now offering LONGARM QUILTING SERVICES!!!!  Have you ever wanted to piece curved and shapely fabric to make a eye catching quilt?  She is certified to teach the “Sew Kind of Wonderful” rulers and patterns to make your dreams come true.  She also continues to make consignment quilts for customers, to include exceptionally soft T-shirt memory quilts.  Cindy quilts her creations using her 26" Innova longarm machine.  Cindy has a teacher’s heart and engages others with humor and grace.  Cindy is happy to announce that she is working with Little Women Quilt Shop (LWQS) in Jefferson City, TN, as their resident instructor and longarmer.  The first Saturday of each month Cindy is at the LWQS to pick up and drop off customer quilts, so if you need a passionate and talented person to complete your work of art, come on by.  Cindy and the ladies at LWQS would love to meet you!

As a previous sales trainer, manager, and retail store owner, she loves working with people and helping them to succeed by transferring her knowledge and enthusiasm.  Cindy has lived and traveled across the US and abroad. She has been sewing and crafting for over 37 years and has been following her passion for quilting for 13 years. Now she teaches in Tennessee, Georgia, and Kentucky.   

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Sew Kind of Wonderful (SKW), is just that!  When I first was introduced, it was WOW!!!  I have so much fun making these quilts using their tools.  I love it so much that I am now a certified Sew Kind of Wonderful instructor.  I want you to have the same "WOW" experience!  There are three rulers and each one makes an amazing group of patterns.  I will be teaching this technique at the Mountain Quilt Fest in May 2021.

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Little Women Quilt Shop (LWQS)

1085 Martha Glass drive in Jefferson City, TN, is just 25 minutes North of Pigeon Forge, TN.  This is Cindy's home quilt shop.  The Owner Desiree, and daughter Hunter have created a fun, modern quilt shop like no other in the area.  The fabrics are bright, contemporary, and fresh.  You have to experience it for yourself; the ladies would love to meet you!    

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  Longarm Services

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Cindy offers affordable edge to edge long arm quilting. Using only the highest quality thread, the panto-graph patterns take on a depth and beauty to accentuate your quilt. She believes that quilting should compliment your quilt, not overpower. Cindy understands that long-arming your quilt is intended to bring out the best in YOUR quilt. The quilting, while important, should not take center stage. Quilting is much like the back up singers, you are the rock star.

T-Shirt/Memory Quilts

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Your memories are the same as mine, priceless.  I have the utmost respect for yours which has lead me to develop my own way of preserving your t-shirts and material from different generations.  I take great care to bring the recipients personality into the quilts, while allowing the shirts to tell their story.  Each one of these creations are unique, just as the memory that goes with it. No two are alike and I love bringing in little details and unexpected surprise to each one.

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