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Cindy Bingaman

Certified Gem Affiliate Proudly Representing




MJ Kinman | Textile Artist

Cindy has lived and traveled across the US and abroad. She has been sewing and crafting for over 32 years, and has been following her passion for quilting for 8 years. Cindy lives in East Tennessee and is willing to travel throughout the Southeastern United States.  Cindy is one of the first Gem Affiliates in the world certified to teach this technique by MJ Kinman, Textile Artist.


As a previous sales trainer, manager, and retail store owner, she loves working with people and helping them to succeed by transferring her knowledge and enthusiasm.


Cindy has a teacher’s heart and engages others with humor and grace. She is scheduling Gemstone workshops, Jewel Box BOM, and MJ Kinman’s “Facets” by Northcott trunk shows. Let’s work together to increase your sales and customer base with MJ Kinman’s beautiful artistry and Confident Beginner patterns, making every one of your customers feel like the Gem that they are!

MJ Kinman | Textile Artist

MJ Kinman "Jewel Box" is a 12-block progression. Each block has a unique challenge. This challenge is perfect for the confident beginner to learn new skills with a fun and forgiving pattern, as well as a never boring construction for the advanced level.

Once all the 12 blocks are mastered the student will have the knowledge needed to create their own unique gem quilts. To see more of MJ's creations please visit, www.MJKinman.com

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Quilt Shops

If your shop carries Northcott, "Facets by MJ Kinman", I will be offering Trunk Shows as well as classes with patterns. There are two additional patterns only offered through Gem Affiliates, one of which would be a gorgeous wedding gift quilt or possibly a guest signature quilt. 


Quilt Shops! MJ Kinman is hard at work and a new collection, "Diamonds & Diva" collection will be coming out soon!

Classes Offered


Twisted Sister's Quilt Shop B.O.M. second class is complete!  The ladies brought in their emerald blocks, and they looked GREAT!  This class showed the skills these talented women have learned and continue to impress.  Only 3 more blocks to complete in the "Jewel Box". Next class will be Saturday, 28 March.  See you then! 

The “Jewel Box” Block-of-the-month does not need to be presented in the birth month order. It can be started at any time. April’s Diamond Heart is the most difficult of the Gems and is the last block to be made. The patterns build skills progressively. We save the best for last.


If choosing the BOM the first class will be the longest lasting 5-6 hours. If the student does not complete the block in class, they will have a good enough understanding to be able to finish on their own. Each class thereafter will be approximately 3-4 hours.


This program is fun for everyone! There will be a birthday party for every student participating in their birth month. Everyone likes a party, and everyone likes to feel special.

Please contact me if you are interested.


A “mini B.O.M.” is another option to make a 4 block wall art quilt. This is a great Mother’s Day quilt with the birthstones of family, a wedding gift, or just your favorite gems. These are personal and gorgeous.


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Who wants to get out to quilt and be bored? Not this woman!  These workshops are made to bring different experiences, fabric, thread, and "power tools" to make brilliant works of art.

Birthstone Wall Art & Single Block Classes

These classes can be another option to build a four block wall hanging quilt with your favorite gems or a great opportunity to show off your family birthstones as a gift or for yourself.  Please keep in mind for Mother's Day, weddings, anniversaries, Christmas or birthdays.

Single Classes

Call to schedule

This class is available to make one 17’x17” gem, the perfect size for a stunning pillow or mini wall hanging. The single class is best as a 5-6 hour day class.  Please keep in mind that each gemstone has it's own unique skill set challenge that builds your confidences to be able to tackle the more demanding stones like the diamond.  When it comes to these patterns it's fun, forgiving, and, stunning.

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